Privacy Policy


We are committed to ensuring that your personal information is protected and managed in accordance with the personal data protection laws of Singapore. As such, we have developed the privacy policy set out below to manage your personal data. Please read the privacy policy below to understand how your personal data and information will be treated by us.

1. Interpretation

1.1. The words of which the initial letter is capitalised have meanings defined under the following conditions.

1.2. The following definitions shall have the same meaning regardless of whether they appear in singular or in plural.

2. Definitions

2.1. Company
(referred to as either “the Company”, “We”, “Us” or “Our” in this privacy policy) refers to Poulose Associates Pte. Ltd..

2.2. Website
refers to our website, accessible at:

2.3. Events
refers to the conventions, events, shows, other activities hosted, organised and/or managed by us.

2.4. Events
Management Services
” refers such service that you may require and that we may agree to provide from time to time in connection with, arising from or
ancillary to the Event. These may include and is without limitation to the provision of the following services:

2.4.1.Entertainment Concept, Coordination & Execution;

2.4.2.Food and Beverage Concept, Coordination & Execution;

2.4.3.Overall Event Concept Creation, Coordination & Execution; and

2.4.4.Sponsorship Management.

2.5. Other Services
refers to such service that you may require and that we may agree to provide from time to time in connection with Food & Beverage Concept Development
and Kitchen Design. These may include and is without limitation to the following:

2.5.1.  Design Development;

2.5.2.  Equipment Selection; and

2.5.3.  Feasibility Studies;

2.5.4.  Food & Beverage Concept Development;

2.5.5.  Financial Modelling;

2.5.6.  Marketing & Promotions;

2.5.7.  Menu Concept Development;

2.5.8.  Operational Audit & Recommendation;

2.5.9.  Operational Equipment Recommendation;

2.5.10. Pre-Opening Assistance;

2.5.11. Strategy Development;

2.5.12. Schematic Design;

2.5.13. Tender Documentation & Analysis;

2.5.14. Testing & Commissioning.

2.6. Affiliate
refers to any group or individual authorised in the involvement of the provision of the Company’s Events Management Services, Other Services, the carrying
out of the Company’s Events business, or the Company’s business. This may include agents, employees and representatives of the Company, as well as sponsors, merchants, partners, and any future entity we may acquire, be acquired by or merge with.

3.Privacy Policy

3.1. This privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) sets out the manner in which the Company may collect, use, disclose or otherwise process the data, whether true or not, about an individual who can be identified either (a) from that data; or (b) from that data and other information to which we have or are likely to have access (“Personal Data”) in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act of Singapore, as may be amended from time to time (“PDPA”). This Privacy Policy applies to all users of the Company’s Website.

3.2. In particular, please take note that all Events, Events Management Services and Other Services are subject to the Company’s Privacy Policy. As such, please ensure that you have read and understood the Company’s Privacy Policy.

3.3. Your written consent will be sought before your Personal Data is collected or used after you have been notified of the purposes for which the data is collected (except where collection or use of Personal Data without consent is permitted or authorised by law).

3.4. The types of Personal Data submitted through the Company’s Website may vary depending on your interaction with the Company.
The types of Personal Data may include, without limitation:


3.4.2.Contact Information, such as your e-mail address, fax and/or telephone number;

3.4.3.Identity Data, such as your age, nationality, country of residence, employment information, age, date of birth and/or gender;

3.4.4.Financial Information, such as your credit card details, billing address and mailing address;

3.4.5.Transaction Data, such as payments and orders to and from you, and other details of products and services that you have supplied to or purchased from us;

3.4.6.Usage and reference Data, such as the duration of your visit to the Website, the types of services and/or products you are searching for and the services and/or products you considered purchasing;

3.4.7.Marketing and Communications Data, such as your feedback, survey responses, preferences in receiving marketing materials and communication preferences.

3.4.8.Customer-Facing Interactions, such as email exchanges and phone calls, for the purpose of employee training and performance evaluation and identity verification; and/or

3.4.9.Technical data, such as your IP address, information regarding the device used to access our Website and/or information about the browser used to access our website.

3.5. Personal Data may be collected in various ways, these may include the following:

3.5.1.Personal Data directly from you when you do any of the following (whether on your own or on behalf of your organisation):  When you use our Website;  Purchase or use any of our goods or services;  Respond to any of our marketing or promotional materials or to any surveys;  Interact with us face-to-face or through phone calls and/or e-mails;  Enter into agreements with us;  Contact us or request to be contacted by us;  Subscribe to our newsletters or alerts;  Submit your Personal Data to us for any other reason.

3.6. In addition to the abovementioned sources, Personal Data may be obtained (without limitation) from:

3.6.1.Publicly available information such as social media platforms;

3.6.2.Images, video, and audio may be collected or processed through our security cameras, closed-circuit television, recorded phone lines, voice recorders, and other technologies, where permitted by applicable laws;

3.6.3.Third-party sources, such as service providers and business partners (including ticketing agencies, event organisers, event sponsors, collaborators, business partners, merchants, delivery partners and booking platforms and marketing partners);

3.6.4.Inferences drawn from any other sources to create a profile about you reflecting your preferences and characteristics; and

3.6.5.Any of your representatives, employers or agents.

3.7. The Company uses cookies to provide visitors with a personalised experience on the Company’s website. Cookies are information that a website transfers to the memory of the visitor’s computer. Cookies allow the Company to better tailor the Website to the visitors’ needs. Do note that if you disable or refuse cookies, some parts of the Website may become inaccessible or not function as intended. You may at any time delete the Company’s cookies form your browser.

4. Purposes

4.1. The collection and processing of your Personal Data may be carried out for any or all of the following purposes:

4.1.1.  To register you as a customer;

4.1.2.  To verify your identity;

4.1.3.  To further any legitimate business or interest purpose in connection with the Company’s business;

4.1.4.  To fulfil our obligations in the course of or in connection with the provision of any of our Events Management Services, other Services and Events;

4.1.5.  To manage your account, including managing payments, fees and charges and collecting and recovering money owed to us;

4.1.6.  To manage our relationship with you, including communication with you;

4.1.7.  To provide you with information in the form of announcements regarding Events, Events Management Services, Other Services, promotions, feedback/surveys, marketing materials, collaborations and/or any other information for the purpose of marketing;

4.1.8.  To comply with any applicable laws, regulations, codes of practice, guidelines or rules, or to assist in law enforcement and investigations conducted by any governmental and/or regulatory authority;

4.1.9.  To improve the processes of our operations, including the compilation of data and performance of data analysis and market research;

4.1.10. To handle or resolve any requests or complaints;

4.1.11. To facilitate compliance with internal policies and procedures; and/or

4.1.12. Any other purposes for which we have deemed you have expressly or impliedly consented to in the provision of your Personal Data.

4.2. The purposes set out above may continue to apply in situations where your relationship with us has been terminated or altered for a reasonable period thereafter. Such reasonable period shall include such time required for us to enforce our rights under any contract with you.

4.3. Marketing and Promotions

4.3.1.From time to time, the Company may send you materials regarding marketing or promotional information in connection new services or upcoming events of the Company (“Promotional Information”) through the contact information provided by you. This may be in the form of phone calls, e-mails, messages or faxes. Promotional Information by Phone Call will not be made unless in accordance with the relevant provision of the PDPA where applicable.

4.3.2.If you have opted-in to receive Promotional Information, you are regarded to have consented to receiving the Promotional Information.

4.3.3.In the event that you no longer wish to receive such Promotional Information, you may contact us to withdraw your consent.

4.4. Change of Purpose

4.4.1.The Company will only process your Personal Data for the Purposes set out at herein unless the Company reasonably considers that the Company needs to use the Personal Data for another reason that is compatible with the original purpose.

4.4.2.If there is any change in the purposes for which the Company collects your Personal Data, the Company will inform you of such by way of such email address given by you to the Company. If the Company needs to use your Personal Data for an unrelated purpose, the Company will notify you and will explain the legal basis of such change in purpose and to obtain your consent to the use of the Personal Data for such purpose as the Company may be required to do by law.

4.5. Consent

4.5.1.By providing us with your Personal Data or by authorising your authorised representative to provide us with your Personal Data, you are deemed to have consented to the Company and the Affiliates of the Company’s collection, disclosure, processing, storage and/or use of your Personal Data by the Company for the Purposes set out herein.

5. Disclosure Of Personal Data

5.1. The Company may disclose your Personal Data to the Company’s Affiliates and third parties where such disclosure is necessary for purposes set out herein, or for a directly related purpose for which your information was collected. Situations in which your Personal Data may be disclosed include:

5.1.1.Where our Affiliates, agents, contractors,
suppliers, specialist advisors and third-party service providers require your Personal Data for services they perform for us or pursuant to any agreements
with them;

5.1.2.Where sharing of your Personal Data is required to comply with a legal obligation, rules and regulations, codes of practices, guidelines, court orders and/or other legal processes as required by government authorities, law enforcement agencies, regulators, dispute resolution centres, and their representatives;

5.1.3.Where any person and/or company is acting for, jointly or on our behalf, in respect of the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy or a directly related purpose; and

5.1.4.Any other person and/or company for which we have provided specific notice at the time of collection of your Personal Data and obtained your consent, as required by applicable laws.

5.2. Your Personal Data will not be disclosed to unaffiliated third parties for their independent use unless we have gained your express consent and such unaffiliated third parties agree to the security of your Personal Data and treat such Personal Data in accordance with personal data protection laws.

5.3. We will exercise commercially reasonable precautions (including taking reasonable care in the selection of service providers) in ensuring that all third parties respect the security of your Personal Data, including, without limitation:

5.3.1.Protecting the confidentiality of your Personal Data;

5.3.2.Treating your Personal Data in accordance with the law; and

5.3.3.Using your Personal Data for our specified purposes only.

5.4. The above will be exercised without guarantee as we are only responsible for our own compliance with applicable laws.

6. Retention of Information

6.1. Your Personal Data will be retained for as long as is needed in achieving the purposes for which they were collected or

6.2. Where necessary, your Personal Data may be retained to meet our legal obligations, tax and accounting purposes after you
cease to use our services.

6.3. We may anonymise, compile and/or merge your Personal Data (so that the data is no longer associated with you) for, inter
the following purposes:

6.3.1.Research and statistical analysis;

6.3.2.Aiding in the improvement of our Events, Events Management Services, Other Services and in our communications with you; and

6.3.3.For any other related purpose.

7. Transfer of Personal Data outside of Singapore

7.1. In the event that the Company may have to transfer your Personal Data to countries outside of Singapore, the Company will take steps to ensure that your Personal Data continues to receive the standard of protection at least comparable to that provided under the PDPA. In the event that the aforesaid is not possible due to the recipient country’s legal obligations, the Company will take such measure to protect your Personal Data, including entering into confidentiality agreements.

8. Security

8.1. The Company will generally exercise commercially reasonable precautions in ensuring that your Personal Data is protected from unauthorised access, use, collection, disclosure, modification, transfer or retention. We periodically review our security measures and provide awareness training.

9. Disclaimer

9.1. No method of storing of electronic information is completely secure and no website can guarantee the security of your Personal Data. We make no warranty or guarantee, express or otherwise, that your Personal Data will never be collected or used by an unauthorised third party or otherwise in a manner inconsistent with the Company’s Privacy Policy herein.

9.2. The Company shall to such extent permitted, disclaim any liability in tort, equity or in contract for any damages arising out of or in any way connected with any unauthorised third party’s access, use, collection, disclosure, modification, transfer or retention of your Personal Data.

9.3. Personal information collected by third parties such as our partners, merchants or sponsors operating independently of us is not covered by this Privacy Policy.

9.4. Our Website may contain links to other websites that are owned and/or operated by third parties. This Privacy Policy does not apply to such other websites.

10. Withdrawal of Consent

10.1. You have the right to withdraw any consent you previously provided to us or object at any time to the processing of your personal information for marketing purposes or on legitimate grounds to any other processing of your personal information. You may contact us in the manner set out below.

10.2. Your withdrawal or objection will however not affect the lawfulness of our processing of your personal information based on your consent or our legitimate grounds before your withdrawal.

10.3. Depending on the extent of your request and the purposes for which your personal information was collected for, we may no longer be able to provide or continue providing certain services and products to you and you can no longer partake in certain Events.

11. Correction, Access or Changes to your Personal Data

11.1. You can access, correct, and edit any Personal Data that you have provided by contacting us.

12. Changes to the Privacy Policy

12.1. We reserve the right to modify the Company’s Privacy Policy and related practices at any time by posting relevant updates on this page. Your continued use of the Website, Events, Event Management Services and Other Services constitutes your acknowledgement and acceptance of such changes.

13. Contact Details

13.1. For any questions, requests or to exercise your rights pursuant to the Company’s Privacy Policy or PDPA, you may contact us at